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What is teledermatology?

Teledermatology is the opportunity to share medical concerns and photos with your dermatologist through the internet. Through this interaction, doctors can frequently diagnose and manage many dermatological conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How does teledermatology at Keystone Dermatology Partners work?
    Start by simply emailing us at We can walk you through the rest of the process. We use technology that doesn’t require additional downloads or accounts to be created and is so intuitive it can be used by patients with any level of comfort with technology.
  • Are teledermatology visits covered by my insurance?
    These visits are generally covered by your insurer, subject to the specific provisions of the plan. You may still be responsible for a co-pay or co-insurance.
  • Can I receive prescriptions via teldermatology?
    Of course! Our medical records are all electronic. With just a few clicks, we can send any prescriptions to the local pharmacy of your choice.

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