Medical Dermatology


Eczema is a condition associated with irritated skin. The skin can become very itchy and often develops scaly red rashes. This condition can frequently disrupt sleep and cause significant disruption. A patient with eczema has an immune system that is overworked and causes the irritation. Although doctors can’t be completely sure why some children and adults are affected by eczema while others are not, there are some factors that could contribute to it. A patient who already has allergies and asthma, or someone that lives in a city or a highly polluted area will be more likely to develop eczema. Eczema can also be hereditary.

Treatments for eczema may include medicated creams (steroid and non-steroidal), oral medications, phototherapy, and injectable treatments. Effective treatment helps eliminate the itch, clear the rash, and allow patients to return to a normal life.

Some common triggers to help avoid eczema include:

  • Animal Dander and Saliva
  • Irritating fabrics (such as wool)
  • Excessive Sweating
  • Household cleaning products, as well as certain soaps
  • Dust

Helpful tips for treating eczema include:

  • Apply thicker moisturizers to wet skin twice day
  • Take warm—not hot—showers
  • Over the counter anti-histamines may also be useful

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