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One of the best ways to address signs of aging is a chemical peel at Keystone Dermatology Partners in Philadelphia. This treatment uses a chemical solution to exfoliate dead and damaged skin cells, resulting in smoother skin that looks younger and more refreshed.

Why Does Our Skin Show Signs of Aging?

There are several reasons why signs of aging appear over time. These include:

  • Overexposure to harmful UV rays
  • Exposure to pollution and harsh weather
  • Poor skin nutrition and improper treatment of the skin
  • Stress-causing hormone fluctuations resulting from pregnancy or menopause

These factors lead to the development of issues like fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, uneven skin tone and texture, dryness, dullness, and hyperpigmentation.

How Does a Chemical Peel Work?

A chemical peel works on the principle of removing the uppermost layer of the patient’s skin. This is the layer where damage, grime, dead skin cells, scars, and many other issues have accumulated over the years.

The chemical solution that is applied to the skin induces peeling, hence the name. This then reveals a newer, fresher, younger, and more vibrant skin layer.

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Who Is in Need of a Chemical Peel?

A chemical peel is best suited for patients who are in need of a more effective solution to their cosmetic problems when their ordinary skincare routine isn’t enough. Patients must be in good overall health.

Patients with fresh scars or wounds are advised to wait until these injuries have completely healed. Those who regularly drink or smoke too much will get the most out of this treatment if they cut down on or quit the habit entirely.

Your Consultation

The best way to learn more about a chemical peel is to schedule a consultation. During a consultation, the patient’s health will be evaluated, as will the condition of their skin.

While the patient is being examined, they can bring up any questions or concerns that they may have. This can include everything from what the treatment entails to how much it may cost.

Types of Chemical Peels

Chemical peels come in varying strengths, each of which is geared towards addressing specific skin issues. The deeper the peel, the more effective it is.

Additionally, each peel strength is fit for different skin types. For example, a person with sensitive skin using a strong chemical peel would experience further skin damage, so a lighter peel would be a better option.

There are three main types of chemical peels:

  • Superficial Peel – Also called a lunchtime peel, this option typically uses alpha-hydroxy acid or another mild acid. The chemical solution penetrates into the outer layer of the skin and leaves the inner layers intact. It gently exfoliates the skin and improves the appearance of rough texture and mild discoloration. It is suitable for all skin types and can be used to refresh the face, neck, hands, and chest.

  • Medium Peel – This type of chemical peel uses glycolic acid or trichloroacetic acid (TCA) to penetrate the outer and middle layers of the skin. The treatment is ideal for smoothing away rough patches. It is also used to treat precancerous skin growths. The medium peel helps to improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, freckles, and moderate skin discoloration.

  • Deep Peel – This type of chemical peel uses phenol or trichloroacetic acid to penetrate deep into the skin layers and is used only on the face. The treatment removes damaged skin cells and treats moderate wrinkles, age spots, freckles, and shallow scars. The results of this treatment are dramatic, and it can be used only once. Anesthesia is required for the treatment session.

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What Happens During a Chemical Peel?

First, the face is cleansed of any products or bacteria. A chemical solution is then applied to the skin. It is left on the face to penetrate through the skin layers to the chosen depth, and then it is removed.

In the time following the treatment session, the treated skin layers blister and peel off, revealing fresh new skin cells without imperfections. Post-treatment care directions will be given by our skincare experts.

How Much Does Chemical Peel Cost?

The cost for Chemical Peel in Philadelphia will depend on several factors. The number of sessions will influence the final price, as will the severity of the cosmetic issues being addressed.

Contact Us for a Consultation

Chemical peels are an effective solution to skin issues. To decide on the best chemical peel option for you, contact Keystone Dermatology Partners and schedule your consultation.


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