1. Take photos before your visit so you can email them to your doctor ahead of time. Our email address is info@keyderm.com. Photos from your phone will almost always be higher quality than the images during the video visit.
  2. Having a friend take a Teledermatology arm Photo on Cellphone

  3. Have a friend or family member assist you to get the best quality images.
  4. Out of focus Teledermatology arm PhotoWell-lit Teledermatology arm Photo

  5. Find a well-lit area where you can take photos without a flash. Try to find a neutral background—such as a solid-colored wall or sheet.
  6. Close up Teledermatology arm Photo

  7. Take close-up views of the areas of interest. These should be taken from about six inches away. Try to frame and focus the lesion in the screen.
  8. Entire arm Teledermatology Photo

  9. It also helps to take overview photos from a distance; these will show us where the lesions are located on your body.
  10. Quarter on arm Teledermatology Photo

  11. Include a nickel or some other common object in some photos. This shows the sizes of the areas of interest.